Housekeeping service, questions?

Cleaning service, any questions?

Does Edward supply his own products?

Edward supplies his own cleaning products, all certified EcoLogo and not tested on animals. He's doing his part to save the planet, one service at a time! He also brings his own equipment. However, if you have a central vacuum system, he’ll be happy to use it.

Does the presence of the animals bother Edward ?

Absolutely not, Edward loves animals. However, it's the customer's responsibility to make sure that Edward's crew is safe.

Do we have to be there to let in your crew of housekeeping professionals?

Whether you’re present or not, Edward will do his job discreetly and efficiently.

Does your crew show up at a specified time?

Unfortunately not, due to a number of factors. However, you can specify morning or afternoon service. Depending on the schedule in your area, Edward will accommodate you whenever possible.

What products do you use?

Edward provides eco-friendly cleaning products that have not been tested on animals. He's doing his part to save the planet, one service at a time!

Will my service always be provided by the same crew of housekeeping professionals?

Edward ensures his crews are stable, although your crew may vary from time to time. But you will always receive the same level of service, since all our housekeeping professionals receive the same training.

Does the housekeeping crew pick up absolutely everything?

The housekeeping crew picks up almost everything except bodily fluids and specific personal medical products, such as syringes and other medical products that may be contaminated. To ensure thorough cleaning, we ask you to leave bathroom and kitchen countertops and sinks clear of clutter. Floors must also be clear of clutter. However, if your schedule prevents you from picking up before our visit, Edward is there for you. We can adjust our service to suit you.

Does the housekeeping crew handle composting?

The crew will take the compost out if it’s in a compost bag.

Does the crew pick up things left on the floor?

The housekeeping professionals can pick up a few items, but will go around larger piles. It's up to you to tidy the house before Edward's crew arrives.

What geographical area does Edward cover? Am-I in his covered area?

Edward works on both sides of the Ottawa River. He travels to Hull, Aylmer, Gatineau, Chelsea, Cantley, Val-des-Monts, Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gloucester and Rockcliffe.

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