Company policies

Company policies


We provide all the products and equipment necessary for the services we provide to our customers. We ensure we use environmentally friendly products as we comply with all government environmental standards. However, we do ask our clients with pets to provide us with vacuum cleaners and mops to wash the floors. If the customer stresses on using a specific product, it is the customer's responsibility to provide the desired product.


Time is a very important issue at EDWARD. This is why we cannot provide our customers with the exact time the service will take place in their residence. Visits always take place during the day between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., and under no circumstances we can notify our next customer in advance of our arrival. Please note that if other clients cancel their service on the same day of yours, your scheduled service may be moved earlier or later on the same day.


During the first visit, we carried out a site inspection with the client and identified any breakage or wear marks observable on the furniture, objects, appliances, and the entire structure of the house. The inventory of fixtures in the client’s contract also relates the observations made beforehand. We are therefore not responsible for any deterioration that may occur following regular maintenance. In the event that a piece of furniture has to be moved in order to clean, we are not responsible for any marks. The customer must advise us of anything that absolutely must not be moved if there is a risk of damage. 


Service additions are permitted. You can request additions through our online platform. However, we ask that you send them to us at least 48 hours before your next appointment. This way, we ensure that we have the necessary manpower and the appropriate time slots. Additional charges will be billed directly to your account when you place your order.     


Our company has $3,000,000 in liability insurance. We therefore ask you to communicate with us as soon as possible - maximum 48 hours following the service - to advise us of any form of damage. We will do everything in our power to replace, repair, or accommodate the client.     


Our employees never smoke on the job or eat, drink, watch TV, or listen to the radio out of respect for the people who hire them. They do not answer the phone or the door. They are only there for one reason: to clean your home! All our employees are also bound by professional secrecy as stipulated in their employment contract.


Please note that EDWARD offers multiple services related to housekeeping of all kinds. Although EDWARD is committed to providing the best services to the best of its skills and knowledge, it reserves the right to refuse to offer certain services in the event that they could be detrimental to its employees and/or reputation. In addition, EDWARD cannot guarantee its customers refurbishment values when cleaning carpets, furniture, fabrics, toilets, and any other used and/or damaged objects.


Our employees appreciate that your pets are always in a secure area during our visit and that you have the delicacy to pick up all their personal belongings to facilitate our work. We disclaim all responsibility for the care of your pets. 


EDWARD likes to satisfy all the needs of its customers and that is why it offers a guarantee on its services. In the event that expectations are not met, it is the customer's duty to inform the company within 48 hours. EDWARD disclaims all liability once this time limit has been exceeded. In return, the customer agrees to clear surfaces and floors of any object that may hinder or obstruct the passage of our team - counter, vanity, dishes, toys, clothing, etc.


The customer provides EDWARD with access - key or code - and EDWARD agrees to keep the information confidential and under its protection. If the customer refuses to provide a key or code to access the property, it is the customer's responsibility to provide access to his or her property in some other way. Otherwise the service may be cancelled and fees will be charged to the customer. In the foregoing case, the customer understands that EDWARD is relieved of all responsibility in the event of an entry by infraction, theft, or incident of any kind.


  • EDWARD reserves the right to suspend your services for late payment without any notice. Suspended services will free up your place on the schedule for a potential customer. When you resume your services, the system will offer you a new time slot.
  • In the event that the client forgets our team's visit and that our team does not have access to the residence to perform the service, the fees will be charged directly to your account. Our team is committed to communicating with you by email and telephone to save you these fees. In the event that we are unable to access your residence within 15 minutes, we will cancel the service and the fees will be charged to your account. 
  • For any service cancellation without notice of more than 24 hours, the cost of the service will be charged to your account. 
  • If you leave for a specific period (e.g., vacation) and wish to temporarily suspend your service due to your absence, the first visit fee may be added to your bill when the interruption is longer than 4 weeks. 
  • A fee of $50.00 will be applied for payment returned without funds.  
  •  In case of an infectious disease - chicken pox, gastro, flu, etc. - it is the responsibility of the customer to notify EDWARD in order to postpone the scheduled visit. Employees have the right to refuse to work under such conditions. Otherwise, EDWARD reserves the right to cancel the visit and the costs will be charged to your account. 
  • EDWARD reserves the right to apply the totality of the fees if access to the property is impossible due to events beyond its control - muddy entry, snow accumulation, renovation work in progress, change of code, change of lock, etc. 
  • The customer is also responsible for notifying EDWARD in the event of a power, water, or any other breakdown that may make the planned work difficult or impossible. In such situations, EDWARD reserves the right to cancel the service. The service will be resumed as agreed in the calendar on the next calendar date.